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The Dissidents

Alternative Rock/Punk Rock


Growing up In Campbell Hall NY, Clarence "Felix" Nyiri searched far and wide for years, tirelessly pursuing his dream of achieving recognition for his music, and spreading a message of unity through music to all of his audiences.  On the way, he formed "The Dissidents".  After years of lineup shifts and countless hours of songwriting and performances, Clarence partnered up with New Lewi and Sam West to bring his vision to life.  By combining an endless amount of influences, ranging from alternative rock, to hip-hop, ro progressive, The Dissidents hope to once and for all end the "genre gap" created by the segregative nature of genre restraints.  They do not believe in being "boxed in", and with this band nothing is off the table! With an unmatched live energy, a true passion for artistic expression, and an endless hunger for success, The Dissidents look forward to playing a venue near you, and getting one step closer to world domination. 


-The Dissident EP (2016)

- Side B (2018)

- (Unannounced) (2018)

- Project T.D.A.D (2018)


Current Lineup:

Clarence Nyiri: Guitar, Lead Vocals

New Lewi: Rapper, Vocals

Touring Lineup:

Rob Murphy: Bass

Eddie "Soup Can": Bass 

Bence Mile: Rhythm Guitar

Sacha Chavez: Bass/Rhythm Guitar

Sam West: Drums

New Lewi

Rob Murphy

Clarence "Felix" Nyiri

Eddie Soup

Sam West

Bence Mile